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Satisfied customers through good quality, a competitive proposition and healthy returns. CleanJack makes it a lot easier for cleaning companies. With CleanJack, cleaning companies gain much more control over operational processes. CleanJack also makes hours transparent and therefore makes most of the costs more manageable. This monitors profitability per project. A wage test can also be made per employee. How do the hours worked relate to the hours of the employment contract?

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Employees are the most valuable to any business. At the same time, labor costs are the largest cost component: easily 85% of the total.

A small discrepancy in hours or a small error in payroll has leverage on the bottom line.

In a highly competitive cleaning market, with thin margins, the importance of understanding processes and keeping a grip on costs is very high.

With the calculator, a cleaning company can calculate its own potential earnings improvement.


How does it work?

Work arrangements are recorded in the online manager system. Then schedules and rosters are created.

Cleaners sign in at work sites. Tasks appear in the App on their phone or on the CleanJack wall terminal on site.

Managers can follow the process in real time. And make timely adjustments as needed. When the work is finished, the end time is recorded and tasks performed are reported.

Completed tasks and working hours appear directly in the online manager system. Reports simply roll out of the system.

Easily link the CleanJack clock-in system to your accounting program or payroll system

At CleanJack, we believe in collaboration. Linking with other programs such as ensures that you don’t have any duplication of effort. The data entered in one clearance system is also automatically in the other system. This way you work efficiently and the chance of errors decreases. CleanJack has links to the most important systems in the market.

Is your accounting or payroll system not yet listed? Through the CleanJack API a link is easily made.

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