5 common staff scheduling mistakes you can easily avoid

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As a cleaning professional, you know better than anyone how important proper staff scheduling is to a smoothly running operation. Too few staff can lead to a lack of service, while too many staff incur unnecessary costs. In this blog, we share five common staff planning mistakes within the cleaning industry, and show you how to avoid them.

1. Not responding well to trends
Seasonal trends can have a major impact on the demand for cleaning services. It’s important to be prepared for these to accommodate peaks and troughs in demand. Use software to gain insight into historical data and future trends so you can plan your staffing accordingly. With CleanJack, for example, you can also create and view a good schedule per client and make sure you can take this into account in the future.

2. Paying insufficient attention to individual preferences
Ignoring your employees’ personal preferences can lead to dissatisfaction and lower productivity. Listen to your team’s preferences and try to take them into account as much as possible when planning. This will increase employee satisfaction and engagement.


3. Not using software
Manual scheduling is time-consuming and error-prone. Use automated time tracking systems to make your employee scheduling more efficient and accurate. With CleanJack, you can easily manage and optimize your schedule, saving time and costs.

4. Schedule too tightly, without a safety net
Planning too tightly can cause problems when unexpected events occur, such as employee illness or absence. Therefore, always have a buffer in your schedule and a backup plan in case unforeseen circumstances arise.

5. The wrong person in the wrong place
A common mistake is assigning tasks to employees who do not have the right skills or experience. This can lead to inefficiency and frustration for both staff and customers. Therefore, during the selection process, make sure you accurately assess candidates’ skills and place the right person on the right task.

Solution: Make use of time tracking systems such as CleanJack’s system. With it, you can easily track the skills and experience of your employees and assign tasks based on their abilities.

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