6 reasons to (g)use a clearance system

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With a clock-in system, timekeeping is easier than entering or keeping track of time manually. Nowadays, you see more and more companies using this. A digital time clock-in system can be very valuable. Let’s look at six reasons why you should consider switching to a digital time clock-in system for timekeeping now.

1. Compliance with legal requirements.
A digital time clock-in system for timekeeping can help meet legal requirements for timekeeping. The European Court of Justice has ruled that companies in Europe are required to use an objective, reliable and accessible system for tracking working hours. A digital clock-in system meets these criteria and minimizes the risk of fines.

2. Transparency and accuracy
With a digital clock-in system, working hours are recorded objectively and accurately. This ensures transparency towards both employers and employees and prevents discussions about the accuracy of registered hours. Employees can be confident that their hours worked are recorded correctly.

3. Efficiency and time savings.
A digital clock-in system makes the registration process more efficient and saves valuable time for both employees and employers. Employees can quickly and easily clock in and out using such things as passes, tags or finger scans, while employers can automatically track hours worked without manual entry.

4. Attendance tracking for security
In addition to tracking working hours, a digital clock-in system can also serve as a means of recording attendance. This is especially important for workplace safety. In the event of an emergency, employers can quickly find out which employees are present and provide assistance as needed.

5. Good employer practice and wellness
While some employees may see a clock-in system as a form of control, it can also be seen as a sign of good employment practices. By understanding employees’ hours worked, employers can take proactive measures to prevent overwork and contribute to the well-being of their staff.

6. Privacy protection
When using a digital clock-in system, it is important to ensure employee privacy, especially with systems that use fingerprint scanning. Employers must comply with applicable privacy laws and ensure secure storage and processing of personal data.

A digital time clock-in system offers many benefits, including compliance with legal requirements, transparency, efficiency, safety, good employment practices and privacy protection. Therefore, consider switching to a digital time clock-in system to simplify management of working hours and improve productivity and safety in the workplace.

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