African Corporate Cleaning starts with CleanJack 

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The South African cleaning company African Corporate Cleaning has started CleanJack. Gavin Green, director of African Corporate Cleaning explains why they chose CleanJack: “In the South African market, the vast majority of cleaners do not have their own transport. They have to rely on public transport. Public transport in South Africa is unpredictable, which can cause delays in cleaning programs. By using CleanJack on even our smallest contracts, we are able to respond very quickly to any deviation in the daily cleaning program. Problems are often solved before our customers are even aware of the problem. I now have full control over the hours worked, resulting in a simplified and more accurate payroll system. CleanJack is the only system that is so cheap that it can be used for even the smallest jobs. CleanJack is the only time registration and attendance registration system that has been specially developed for the cleaning industry.” African Corporate Cleaning’s customer base includes small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as leading, blue chip companies operating in a wide range of sectors from commercial, educational, financial, light and heavy industry, logistics to automotive, industrial, and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).
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