Always have your own work schedule at hand with the new CleanJack App

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Imagine always knowing exactly when and where to start work. With the new CleanJack App, you always have your work schedule at hand, right on your phone. This provides more overview and prevents many questions to operational managers. Want to learn more about the work schedule in the employee App? Click below to request a free demo.

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CleanJack App completely in your own house style
In addition, CleanJack allows you to have your own employee App completely in the corporate identity of your company. This exudes professionalism and recognizability, completely in keeping with modern times. And the best news? CleanJack offers this as standard, at no extra cost.

Periodic tasks with the CleanJack App
With the new CleanJack App you can also easily report (periodic) tasks completed. The question “Have the periodic tasks been completed?” is common in cleaning companies. Thanks to the new CleanJack App, you can quickly answer this question. In fact, the (periodic) tasks appear on the employee’s screen as soon as they report to the work location. This way, no task is forgotten anymore.

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