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Are you ready for the mandatory attendance registration in the cleaning sector in Belgium from April 1, 2024? The National Social Security Office (NSSO) introduced a new online service in January 2024: Check In and Out at Work.

What does this mean for you as an employee?

What exactly does this registration mean for you as an employee, self-employed person, temporary worker or intern? It means that you must register the start and end of your work, including breaks. This means checking in when you start work and checking out when you’re done. As an employer, you share the responsibility for this registration with the cleaning company. It is therefore important that they inform you about this obligation and provide a system with which you can register.

For which activities is registration required?

It applies to all activities aimed at cleaning a property for a third party, regardless of the size of the contract.

Employee registration system in Belgium

To meet this obligation, it is essential to have a system that integrates seamlessly with Check In and Out at Work. CleanJack offers a solution for this. With the CleanJack App, cleaners can easily check in and out via their smartphone. The registrations are automatically forwarded to the CIAO system, making the entire process much more efficient. In addition, CleanJack also offers the option to check in and out with a badge, which is done via a clock box at the work location that is connected to the CleanJack management and the CIAO system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Checkinatwork is an attendance registration system used specifically in the Belgian construction industry. CleanJack easily integrates with Checkinatwork to ensure you meet all legal requirements for attendance registration.

Our system is set up with Belgian legislation in mind and ensures that you meet all legal requirements for attendance registration.

Checkinatwork is a mandatory online service for employers and contractors performing work in real estate or workplaces. The purpose of Checkinatwork is to record employee attendance.

It works as follows: upon arrival at the work site, employees sign in at the check-in terminal. This can be done by ID card, badge or App. The terminal records attendance and sends data to Checkinatwork. The same applies when employees clock out again.