Cleaning company Asito is all about togetherness, from a warm family spirit reinforced by CleanJack.

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Cleaning company Asito, the well-known family business that radiates warmth and pride, has successfully implemented the CleanJack timekeeping system at as many as 5 treatment centers. With several dedicated employees clocking in and out at multiple locations, Asito has taken another step in efficiently managing their cleaning processes.

Establishment of Asito
Ever since Asito was founded, its strength has been in the people who work there. Proud of the profession and of Asito itself, they strive for beauty wherever Asito is present. Now they have integrated this thought with the CleanJack time registration system, allowing them to build an even cleaner and safer environment in treatment centers.


Accurate time recording
The CleanJack clock-in system has made cleaning processes significantly more efficient through accurate recording of working hours and performance. This digitization not only contributes to patient hygiene and safety, but also ensures that tasks are completed on time, which is crucial in a medical environment.

Real-time monitoring
What makes this system even more powerful is the possibility of real-time monitoring. Asito can now closely monitor cleaning staff performance and immediately address any bottlenecks. The data collected provides valuable insights that help Asito optimize work hours, resulting in cost savings and more efficient use of resources.

Asito and CleanJack have a great partnership, which has resulted in a clean and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. This move shows that innovation in timekeeping not only promotes efficiency, but also reinforces a company’s core values, as Asito does with its warm and proud image.

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