CleanJack and the Education Purchasing Group work together for cleaner schools

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The Education Purchasing Group and CleanJack have joined forces. With CleanJack, schools gain much more control over cleaning. The Education Purchasing Group and CleanJack make cleaning transparent: this makes it easy to prevent misunderstandings. Collaboration CleanJack and Education Purchasing Group CleanJack offers schools the opportunity to easily get a grip on cleaning. The partnership between CleanJack and the Education Purchasing Group aims to provide transparency to schools and cleaning companies. Work agreements can be recorded via CleanJack’s cleaning software, so that schools know at which times and on which days cleaning takes place at which locations. A CleanJack registration terminal will be installed at the school location on which cleaners can register and deregister using a “drop”. The system is designed in such a way that schools can easily monitor the cleaning process and that reports can be printed per period in Excel. Education Purchasing Group The Education Purchasing Group is the purchasing collective for educational institutions and childcare and has proven itself as a reliable partner of many educational organizations. The Education Purchasing Group’s approach is simple and effective and aims to provide schools with quick results without complicated constructions. With the help of their purchasing scan, schools can gain insight into possible savings and the Education Purchasing Group guides the entire process
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