CleanJack: The digital tool for supporting the RIVM hygiene guidelines in educational institutions

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Cleaning in educational institutions is a crucial aspect of ensuring a healthy and safe environment for students, teachers, and other staff members. A clean and well-maintained environment also contributes to a pleasant atmosphere at school and a positive image of the educational institution. This, in turn, can enhance the school’s appeal to new students and parents. CleanJack assists schools in tracking cleaners’ clock-ins and clock-outs through time registration. RIVM The RIVM has established hygiene guidelines for primary schools, aimed at creating a safe and healthy environment for students, teachers, and other school employees. The updated work program for primary schools, based on these guidelines, provides a clear structure for cleaning activities. The program includes instructions for cleaning various surfaces such as tables, chairs, floors, and sanitary facilities. It also outlines guidelines for the frequency at which these tasks should be performed. CleanJack for Optimal Cleaning Experience CleanJack is the perfect tool to support these hygiene guidelines and ensure an optimal cleaning experience. For instance, it allows for task assignments to cleaners and messaging through the CleanJack platform. They receive cleaning instructions via the app or on the wall terminal. Communicating with Cleaners With CleanJack’s digital logbook functionality, customers can closely monitor the progress of cleaning activities, and as mentioned earlier, the cleaning company can directly communicate with their employees. It’s beneficial for the cleaning company to communicate with an organization’s employees as it can lead to better alignment and coordination of cleaning activities. Regular communication about the progress of the cleaning process and any specific requirements enables the cleaning company to address the organization’s specific needs and preferences. Moreover, effective communication between the cleaning company and employees contributes to a pleasant and safe working environment. This allows the cleaning company to inform employees about the cleaning agents to be used, enabling them to consider these factors and prevent allergic reactions or irritations. With CleanJack, maintaining a clean and hygienic school environment becomes easier than ever before. Schools and cleaning companies can collaborate to uphold RIVM standards and meet the needs of all involved parties. Read more about CleanJack’s collaboration with the Education Procurement Group: CleanJack and the Education Procurement Group collaborate for cleaner schools
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