Digital logbook and reports

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Digitaal logboek en rapportages

CleanJack’s digital logbook is a handy tool that allows cleaning companies and their customers to keep track of the progress of cleaning work and communicate directly with each other.

Complete file through a digital logbook

The digital logbook is a central place where customers and the cleaning company can exchange information about the cleaning work. It provides a complete record of all complaints, comments and requests submitted, as well as all actions taken to resolve them. This way, the cleaning company always has a complete overview of the progress of the work and can take action quickly if necessary.

Cleaners receive notifications about new requests or complaints via the CleanJack App on their phone or via the CleanJack wall terminal on location. This enables them to take immediate action and resolve problems quickly. This contributes to higher customer satisfaction and more appreciation for the cleaners.

The digital logbook is not only useful for troubleshooting, but can also be used to provide feedback on cleaning activities. For example, customers can express their appreciation for the cleaners or give suggestions for improving the service. This way, the cleaning company can continuously improve its service and increase customer satisfaction.

Essential tool in the cleaning industry

The digital logbook is an essential tool for cleaning companies that want to ensure more satisfied customers and more appreciation for their cleaners. It provides a central place where customers and the cleaning company can communicate and problems can be resolved quickly. This contributes to higher customer satisfaction and a better reputation of the cleaning company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CleanJack also allows customers to post messages in the digital logbook. This can be useful if, for example, the customer wants to provide feedback about the work carried out or if there are specific points of interest that the cleaner must take into account.

Yes, with CleanJack periodic reports can be sent automatically. This could, for example, be a weekly or monthly overview of the time registration data or a report on the quality of the service. The reports are automatically generated and can be sent as an attachment in an Excel file.

Yes, with CleanJack cleaners can also view their own hours. This can be done via the app, where the cleaner can view and manage his or her own timekeeping data. For example, the cleaner can check whether all hours worked have been recorded correctly and report any errors to the cleaning manager.

With CleanJack, different user groups have access to the digital logbook, each with their own specific rights. For example, the cleaning manager has full access to the logbook and can post and view messages. Customers can also access the log and post and view messages related to their specific location. User rights can be managed and configured by the system administrator.