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With CleanJack’s digital work order, paper hassle and errors are a thing of the past. Cleaning companies can now plan and execute work orders easily and efficiently using the digital work order. With this tool, cleaners can easily indicate which work should be carried out, when, by whom and where.

Digital work order from CleanJack

This allows cleaners to view their work assignments anytime and anywhere and register the time worked and materials used. They can also ask the customer for a digital signature at the end of the work to confirm the work. This ensures that all information is in one central system and that no more paper work orders are lost.

The CleanJack digital work order system is not only easy for cleaners, but also for managers. All work orders automatically appear in the central manager system, so managers are always aware of the progress of the work and the materials used. In addition, the customer automatically receives a digital copy of the work order via email, so they are immediately informed of the work carried out. This way you have insight anytime and anywhere.

Optimize work processes with CleanJack

CleanJack’s digital work order simplifies and optimizes work processes for cleaning companies, preventing errors. Thanks to this efficient working method, the tasks performed are always transparent and customers can be kept informed of progress. This ensures a streamlined working method and improved communication within the cleaning company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You already have a digital work order from €10 per month. For a low monthly usage fee you are always assured of a stable, safe and reliable system and you automatically always work with the most recent software version. The usage fee depends on the number of specialists. Request a customized quote here.

Yes. CleanJack can also supply tablets, smartphones and SIM cards.

Yes. The CleanJack system can be set up in such a way that both regular cleaners and specialists can be scheduled and managed from 1 planning board. Cleaners see their tasks in the App on their phone or in the display of the CleanJack terminal, specialists see their tasks in the digital work order App.

Yes. Customers can check and approve the work by placing a digital signature on the display of the employee’s smartphone or tablet.

Yes. Customers immediately receive a copy of the digital work order in their email box.