Education Purchasing Group and CleanJack work together

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Every school board or umbrella foundation strives for a clean school. An environment where students and teachers can work pleasantly and safely.

Pleasant cooperation with the cleaning company

Cleaning is human work. Nobody wants misunderstandings between the school and the cleaning company. How do you organize a practical coordination?

How do you get a grip on cleaning as a school?

How do you ensure optimal quality and how are the working agreements secured? How can you make adjustments? How do you avoid paying too much, and certainly not unimportant: How do you guarantee that work is done according to the applicable laws and regulations?

Transparency and compliancy

It is important that working hours are recorded. Not only because the hours worked are an important cost- and quality-determining factor, but also because as a client you are co-responsible that the cleaning company works according to the laws and regulations.

Unique offer for schools through Onderwijs Inkoop Groep

The Onderwijs Inkoop Groep and CleanJack have joined forces. CleanJack gives schools much more control over cleaning. The Education Purchasing Group and CleanJack have a unique offer. For more information. Click the button below and fill out the form.

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