Employee time tracking software

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Easy time tracking for your employees

Are you looking for an efficient solution for tracking the hours of your staff? Modern and simple time tracking software offers the perfect solution. Whether you have a small business or run a large enterprise, our software is flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. Our software makes managing your staff’s time tracking a breeze.

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Staff time tracking via app or with clock box

Whether you prefer the convenience of a mobile App or prefer to use a traditional clock box, CleanJack can do it all. The CleanJack software is flexible and customizable to your company’s needs. The App allows employees to easily clock in and out using their own phones. The clocking-in system with drip and wall terminal is often used in large locations where multiple people work, think factories, airports, hospitals, food processing industry etc.

Getting started within 1 day

You are not waiting for complex and overcomplicated software that takes weeks or even months for everyone to get used to the system. In contrast, our software is modern and sophisticated, but at the same time easy to use for all employees within the organization due to a simple interface. It only takes one day to implement and explain the software. After this, employees can easily get started and you will immediately enjoy the benefits of time tracking for your staff.

Never argue about hours again with time tracking software

One of the biggest advantages of our time tracking software is the transparency it provides. By accurately tracking and recording all hours worked, discussions about hours are a thing of the past. Employees can check and track their own hours, while employers always have a clear overview of their staff’s hours worked. This contributes to smoother cooperation and reduces the risk of conflicts.

What is time tracking software?

Time tracking software is a digital tool that helps organizations record, manage and analyze the working hours of their staff. It allows companies to accurately track when employees begin and end work, as well as any breaks they take during their shift. By using time tracking software, organizations can streamline their processes, improve accuracy, comply with legal requirements and save costs through more efficient management of labor hours.

The benefits of time tracking


Insight anywhere, anytime: With CleanJack, you have insight into your staff’s working hours and attendance anytime, anywhere. Whether you are in the office or on the road, you have real-time access to all data via the online dashboard or the mobile app.

Never argue about hours: Thanks to CleanJack’s accurate registration system, discussions about hours worked are a thing of the past. Employees can easily clock in and out, leaving no room for misunderstandings or errors.

Optimal cost control: CleanJack helps optimize costs by accurately recording working hours and preventing overtime. This enables companies to effectively manage and optimize their personnel costs.

Work by the rules: With CleanJack, companies can comply with regulations and labor laws by ensuring that employees record their hours correctly and that all work is performed according to prescribed rules.

Link with any system: CleanJack can be easily linked with other systems and software your company uses. Whether it’s payroll, scheduling tools or other business systems, CleanJack integrates seamlessly for efficient data exchange.

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Cost of time tracking software

Whether you’re a small business or a large multinational corporation, our time tracking software offers an affordable solution tailored to any business size. With costs starting at just $4 per employee per month (excluding implementation fees), you can start recording your employees’ hours accurately right away, without a heavy financial burden. Moreover, our software is scalable, so the cost per license is flexible and proportional to the size of your team. This makes it affordable for any type of business. Contact us today for a customized quote and find out how our software can support your business.

Available in the following sectors

These are just examples of industries that can benefit from employee time tracking software. The flexibility and versatility of the software makes it valuable in a variety of industries.


In healthcare, time tracking is a valuable tool for managing the hours of healthcare personnel.

Accurate timekeeping allows healthcare facilities to keep track of exactly when employees are present.


Time tracking allows restaurants, hotels and catering companies to accurately manage labor costs and ensure they have the right staffing levels during busy periods to provide excellent service to their customers.


Time tracking software combined with a drop-in clocking-in system is ideally suited for the cleaning industry, where time and attendance tracking is very important. Problems in scheduling are addressed immediately because you have insight anywhere, anytime.


Time tracking plays a crucial role in education, where accurately tracking staff working hours is essential for efficient planning and effective resource management.


Besides the mentioned industries, our time tracking software is also suitable for various other industries. Our time tracking software offers solutions for various organizations. Is your sector not listed? Contact us for more information about the other sectors.

Ready to get started with time tracking?

With CleanJack, you gain complete control over your business processes. Our advanced system provides accurate timekeeping, allowing you to track exactly when and where your staff is working. This allows you to optimize staff scheduling, reduce overtime and increase productivity. Find out today how CleanJack can transform your business and strengthen your grip on your processes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Within the European Union, every company is required to provide a system for employees to record their working hours. This is among other things to comply with regulations on working hours and rest periods. Companies must keep recorded working and rest times for 5 years. Employees must also be able to check their own times. Digitizing registrations is the most practical, reliable and cheapest way to meet these requirements.

For larger sites with many physical locations, drip devices are usually used. Employees then sign in by holding the drip against a clock box/wall terminal at the work location. This provides reliable registrations and ease of use. Managing the system with drips and wall terminals is very easy.

If you are dealing with several small work locations then an App on the phone offers a solution. A start and stop NFC sticker is then placed on each work location. Employees register their start and stop time by briefly holding the phone against the sticker.

A CleanJack employee can give you good advice when choosing an App or drip.

Time tracking software is suitable for a wide range of industries, including hospitality, construction, healthcare, education, cleaning, and more. The flexibility and customizability of the software make it suitable for a variety of industries

Timekeeping is essential for accurately recording employee hours worked. This helps control labor costs, comply with regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiency.

Yes, our time tracking software can be seamlessly integrated with several other systems. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Our time tracking software from CleanJack offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows employees to easily record their hours through the app on their phone or through a clock-in system. The software ensures accurate timekeeping and offers high transparency for both employees and employers.

No, our time tracking software is scalable and can be adjusted to the size of your team. Whether you are a small company or a large multinational, you can add as many users as you need without compromising the functionality or performance of the software. Did you know that with more employees, you get a discount? Check out the pricing for more information.

Yes, our time tracking software is affordable and offers excellent value for money. With costs starting at just $4 per employee per month, excluding implementation costs, it is an economical solution for any type of business. Moreover, the costs are scalable and proportional to the size of your company, making it affordable regardless of the size of your organization. Request a customized quote and receive an instant quote.