Experience in cleaning: the key to work and study enjoyment

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We are increasingly returning to the office and school. Therefore, emphasis is placed on creating attractive environments. Cleaning is very important in this. You naturally prefer to come back to a clean and pleasant environment. At CleanJack, we believe that perception in cleaning is more than just good cleaning. Discover how our approach permanently improves the perception of clean, so that you not only like to return to the office or school, but also enjoy working and studying there.

Cleaning as an enhancer of bonding and collaboration
It is clear that physical presence contributes to bonding and cooperation. Cleaning plays a supporting role in this. Our approach goes beyond mere technical quality; it is about creating an environment in which people feel welcome.

The impact of perception in cleaning
The traditional focus is on technical cleaning quality and visual cleanliness. This does not always deliver the desired experience. Foul odors, poor lighting – these are factors that affect how we experience a space. This is why we look beyond the surface to understand what is needed to optimize the experience.


Collaboration as the key to success
At CleanJack, we strongly believe in collaboration. The client, the contractor and employees join forces to turn a six in perception into a higher grade. It’s all about co-creation, where together we look for opportunities for improvement. After all, cleanliness is something you create together.


Happiness at work through a positive cleaning experience
The great strength of this approach lies in the continuous improvement process. It contributes not only to the satisfaction of the end user, but also to the well-being of our cleaning employees. A positive cleaning experience radiates to everyone involved, enhancing job happiness and making people happy to go to work. This creates hospitality and a nice atmosphere.

Are you curious what others think of the experience we create by using the time registration system? Read it in: https://cleanjack.net/ervaringen-met-cleanjack/

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