How do you link CleanJack’s clock-in system with other programmes?

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If you work in the cleaning industry, you know how important it is to have your time and hours records in order. This is not only true in the cleaning industry, but also in other industries. Keeping track of this data manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. Fortunately, CleanJack offers the solution with their automated clock-in system and time recording software. But did you know that you can also link CleanJack to your accounting or payroll system, such as

Work more efficiently with CleanJack’s clock-in system and other software systems
Linking CleanJack to your other software systems allows you to work more efficiently. The data you enter in one system is automatically transferred to the other system. This saves you time and minimises the risk of errors.

CleanJack has links to the main systems in the market, such as Exact, AFAS, Nmbrs, Unit4 and SalarFusion. But even if your accounting or payroll system is not yet listed, there is no need to panic. After all, CleanJack also offers the possibility of establishing a link via the CleanJack API.


Linking CleanJack to your accounting or payroll system is very easy.

CleanJack offers a clear manual and support to establish the link.Moreover, you only have to do this once, after which everything runs automatically and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Combine the clock-in system with an accounting programme
Using CleanJack in combination with your accounting programme or payroll system offers many advantages. For example, you will have an up-to-date and accurate overview of all hours worked and you can draw up invoices quickly and easily. You can also process pay slips and salary payments quickly and easily.

In addition, CleanJack offers the possibility of generating reports.This gives you insight into the performance of your employees and you can easily measure their productivity. This in turn provides you with tools to optimise the work process and further improve your operations.

Linking CleanJack to your accounting or payroll system is a smart move.It ensures more efficient operations and minimises the risk of errors. CleanJack offers the possibility of linking to the most important systems in the market, and through the CleanJack API, linking to other systems is made easy. So make use of this possibility and get the most out of your time recording and accounting.

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