HR changes in 2024

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The year 2024 brings with it a wave of changes in HR, and it is essential to be well prepared. These changes can be challenging for HR departments, but with the right support and tools, you can overcome these challenges effortlessly. Let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of these changes with a strategic approach and the right tools at your disposal.

Optimize payroll with CleanJack

With the introduction of the uniform hourly wage and increased minimum wage in 2024, accurate payroll is crucial. Make sure you have advanced software or systems in place to help you track and process payroll data. This not only ensures compliance with legislation, but also ensures efficient and error-free payroll processing.

Management of travel reimbursement and home work allowance

Another important change concerns mileage reimbursement. With the scheduled increase in 2024, it is essential to review your travel expense policies and ensure that your employees are fairly compensated for their travel expenses.

With the changes in travel reimbursements, it is important to manage these costs accurately. Consider using automated systems such as CleanJack ‘s time tracking system to track and approve travel expenses. This not only saves time, but also minimizes the risk of errors and provides a transparent process for both employees and employers.

Keep in mind labor laws

In addition to raises and reimbursements, some changes in Dutch labor laws are also taking effect. From widening exemptions to changes in the Work Expense Regulation, it is crucial to be aware of these changes and implement them correctly within your organization.


With the HR changes of 2024 looming, it is vital to be proactive and prepare for what is to come. By staying abreast of these changes and taking timely action, you can ensure that your HR department is well equipped to meet the challenges of the new year.

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