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With CleanJack you have insight into the hours and tasks of your employees anytime, anywhere. This time registration system offers a simple and effective solution for time and attendance registration and time registration. With the CleanJack app and via the dashboard you have insight anytime and anywhere. So easy!

Cleaning software clock system app

CleanJack is a cleaning software that focuses on time registration and control over facility management. It offers companies the opportunity to optimize and manage their cleaning activities using the latest technologies, such as QR codes, RFID and a clock system. With the CleanJack app, your cleaning employees always have access to their task list and it is also possible to send messages to the employees.

Advantages of the CleanJack clock system app

One of the key benefits of CleanJack is that it gives users real-time insight into the cleaning status of their facility. This means that users are always aware of which tasks have been completed and which still need to be done. This can help you work more efficiently and ensure that all cleaning tasks are completed on time.

CleanJack not only offers benefits for your cleaning employees, but also for managers. With the planning app and the clock system app you always have an overview of who is present and what tasks still need to be completed. The drop clock system is ideal for small teams and can be easily installed on location.

CleanJack is a powerful solution for managing and monitoring cleaning activities and processes. With CleanJack, organizations can have insight into their cleaning activities anytime, anywhere, monitor the performance of their cleaning teams and improve the quality of their cleaning services.

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