Latest trends in the cleaning sector: what makes CleanJack unique?

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The cleaning sector is constantly changing. The latest trends are driven by the newest technological developments. With the advancement of technologies and changing customer needs, the cleaning sector is also continually evolving. In this sector, it’s essential for companies to adapt to the latest trends to remain competitive. CleanJack is an example of innovation within the cleaning sector.

Digitalization of cleaning processes
One of the most notable trends in the cleaning sector is the increasing digitalization of processes. CleanJack has played a pioneering role by offering advanced digital solutions. With an integrated time registration system, working hours are accurately tracked, leading to more efficient resource utilization and cost savings for companies.

Moreover, CleanJack enables companies to digitally assign tasks to cleaning staff, ensuring a streamlined workflow and improved communication between teams. Messages can be easily sent via the app or CleanJack’s wall terminal. This digitalization of processes results in higher productivity and a more streamlined operation.

Hygiene and safety as a priority
With the current global health situation, the emphasis on hygiene and safety has never been greater. CleanJack seamlessly integrates guidelines from health authorities, such as the RIVM, into their work programs. This ensures that cleaning processes adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and safety, which are essential for the well-being of both employees and customers.

Furthermore, CleanJack provides detailed reporting functionalities, allowing customers to track the progress of cleaning activities and promoting transparency.

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