Laws and regulations regarding working from home and timekeeping in the cleaning industry

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The cleaning industry, like many others, was greatly affected by the advent of COVID-19. Working from home became the norm, which raised a number of legal and regulatory questions. In this blog, we discuss key aspects of working from home and timekeeping in the cleaning industry, with a special focus on CleanJack‘s role.

Working Hours Act

The Working Hours Act (ATW) sets rules regarding work and rest times. This law also applies to home workers. The maximum working week is 40 hours, with a minimum rest break of 11 hours per day. Home workers must comply with these rules and record their working hours.

Labor Allocation Act in the Cleaning Industry (WAAS).

The WAAS applies to all cleaning companies working in the Netherlands. This law sets rules regarding the hiring of cleaning workers, including the minimum wage and reimbursement of travel expenses. The WAAS requires cleaning companies to keep records of the hours worked by their employees, including home workers.

Time registration with CleanJack

An important aspect of working from home is the proper recording of hours worked. This is important not only for compliance with laws and regulations, but also for correct billing of services rendered.

CleanJack offers a user-friendly timekeeping system with clock-in systems designed specifically for the cleaning industry. The system allows you to:

  • Record hours worked
  • Record breaks
  • Submit expense claims
  • Automatically link with scheduling software
  • Generate reports

Tips for correcting time tracking:

  • Use a user-friendly time tracking system, such as CleanJack.
  • Make sure all employees know how to record their hours.
  • Check recorded hours periodically for accuracy.
  • Keep records for the statutory retention period.



By taking the right steps, cleaning companies and their employees can ensure they are in compliance with laws and regulations regarding working from home and timekeeping. CleanJack can help you with this by providing an efficient and user-friendly time tracking system.

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