Loket.nl and CleanJack partnership offers unique opportunities for cleaning companies

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Cleaning companies are increasingly choosing to pay via Loket.nl. What is Loket.nl and why is it an important player in this market?

Loket.nl is the market leader in online payroll and HR for SMEs. Almost a quarter of all SME employees receive monthly paychecks from Loket.nl. The latest #Schoonmaak CAO is also automatically in the system. This way, cleaning companies are always assured of correct payroll for their employees.

The link between CleanJack and Loket.nl ensures error-free data transfer of registered hours and master data. Registered hours are locked per period in CleanJack. Once this is done, the new balances of all employees are calculated immediately. At the end of the payroll period, you can send the data to Loket.nl to payroll the hours with a single click.

Would you also like to make your payroll easier? Then call Niels van den Berg of CleanJack 070-204 01 32.

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