Never discuss hours

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CleanJack offers a solution for keeping track of the hours worked and tasks of cleaners and other employees at work locations. With CleanJack you always have insight into who is present where. This way you will never have to argue about the hours worked again.

Discussions about hours are a thing of the past

As a district leader or facility manager, you probably recognize the conversations about hours worked in which the employee claims to have finished earlier or not to have seen a customer. These types of discussions are often difficult without having full insight into the hours worked. If working and break times are not recorded digitally, as a manager you are often behind the times. But there is a solution for this: CleanJack.

Insight anytime, anywhere

With this digital work time registration system you always have real-time insight into who is present where and what has been done. The timesheets are displayed in real time in your CleanJack dashboard and you can also see which tasks have been completed and create reports. This makes the work more professional and efficient, and you can give customers clarity if they indicate that they have not seen any cleaners.

With CleanJack you never have to have discussions about hours worked again. You work efficiently and professionally, and customers are satisfied. Would you like to know more about the benefits of digital working time registration? Then go to

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