Optimal cost control

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CleanJack is a smart solution that allows your company to achieve optimal cost control. By making time registration transparent and better controlling costs, profitability is monitored per project. This results in more efficient business operations and greater insight into the company’s financial situation.

Optimizing the planning

CleanJack makes it possible to register the hours worked by employees in real-time. This creates an accurate overview of the time spent per project and allows quick intervention if deviations occur. It is also possible to gain insight into the number of hours worked per employee, which can help optimize planning.

By using CleanJack, companies can save costs and improve profitability per project. It is therefore advisable to calculate what you will gain from using CleanJack. This can be done via our tool on the homepage where you can calculate what it will yield for you.

Optimal cost control and more insight

With CleanJack you ensure optimal cost control and more insight into the financial situation of your company. By making the hours transparent and costs more manageable, profitability per project is monitored and work can be done more efficiently. With CleanJack, optimal cost control is no problem.

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