Optimal time registration and leave management according to Dutch legislation

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Properly managing timekeeping and leave within cleaning companies is important. This not only involves complying with company protocols, but also meeting the specific requirements of Dutch legislation.

Compliance with Dutch regulations
Under the Dutch Working Hours Act (ATW) and the Labor and Care Act (WAZO), it is mandatory to accurately record working hours. This is essential for fair labor practices and legal compliance.

An automated system such as CleanJack offers a solid solution. It enables real-time recording, accurately recording all hours, including overtime and breaks, according to legal requirements.

Efficient leave management
In addition to time recording, effective leave management is crucial. Here, employers must take into account the Work and Care Act (WAZO) and the Work and Care Act. Employees are entitled to various forms of leave, such as maternity leave, parental leave, and emergency leave. A good system such as CleanJack can help manage and monitor these leave periods.

Benefits of automated systems
Using automated systems, such as CleanJack, provides not only regulatory compliance, but also efficiency and transparency within the organization. Such systems reduce errors, promote accuracy and save valuable time for both employers and employees.


In short, properly managing timekeeping and leave management within the cleaning industry according to Dutch legislation is a crucial pillar for successful business operations. An automated system such as CleanJack offers a reliable solution that meets legal requirements and promotes efficiency for your organization.

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