Optimize time recording with CleanJack: All about bonus hours, overtime and saving hours

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In Belgium, time registration is mandatory starting from September. In the Netherlands, many companies are increasingly focusing on time registration. It is important to understand how time registration systems like CleanJack’s help manage allowances, overtime, and saved hours. Below, we discuss how CleanJack simplifies and automates these processes.

Calculating allowances with CleanJack

According to the CAO, employees receive extra pay for work on Sundays and public holidays, as well as for work outside regular office hours. Article 18 of the Cleaning CAO states that employees receive an allowance for hours worked on weekdays after 9:30 PM and before 6:00 AM, as well as for all Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday hours.

For example, a colleague working from 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM on a Monday morning receives a 50% allowance on top of their regular hourly wage. If the regular hourly wage is €10, the employee receives €15 per hour during these allowance hours. CleanJack has integrated the Cleaning CAO, ensuring all allowances are automatically and correctly recorded in the time registration system.

Overtime and how CleanJack manages it

Overtime consists of the extra hours employees work beyond their normal contracted hours. According to Article 20 of the Cleaning CAO, there is a 25% overtime allowance after the ninth hour per shift or day, or per pay period. Article 21 states that both allowance hours and the overtime allowance must be applied when overtime occurs during special hours.

In CleanJack, the difference between contracted hours and actual worked hours is easy to see. When contracted hours are exceeded, overtime can be assigned by the regional manager or HR/Operations manager.

Extra hours and CleanJack’s approach

Part-time employees who work more hours than their contracted hours receive 100% of their regular hourly wage for these extra hours. Only when the worked hours exceed a certain number of hours per day, week, or period, are overtime allowances applied.

With CleanJack, extra hours can be easily tracked and assigned by regional managers or HR/Operations managers, reducing the administrative burden.

Automatic calculation and processing of saved hours with CleanJack

The Cleaning CAO includes a saved hours arrangement for locations that are closed for several weeks per year, such as schools during holidays. Employees take their vacation days during these closure periods, and the difference between their entitled vacation days and the closure period is made up with saved hours.

CleanJack automates this process by inputting the number of weeks a location is closed and then calculating the percentage of saved hours. These saved hours are automatically recorded in the time registration system and correctly processed during payroll.

Conclusion and benefits of CleanJack

With CleanJack, the transition from planning to payroll becomes significantly more efficient. An average regional manager saves a full workday each week on checking and approving hours, while the HR or Operations manager saves three days per month on the payroll process.

Additionally, the use of automatic hours calculation according to the CAO can be a strong negotiating tool when outsourcing payroll, as the number of mutations for the payroll processor drastically decreases.

Ensure your company is ready for the mandatory time registration and benefit from the efficiency CleanJack offers! Contact us via: https://cleanjack.net/en/contact/

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