Research: gym hygiene under scrutiny

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A recent Canadian study has revealed alarming results about gym hygiene. According to the study, gym mats and showers are the biggest culprits when it comes to the presence of germs in gym environments. The study, conducted in the Greater Toronto Area, included nine gyms from three different chains.

Increased germs on gym mats
The consumer program Marketplace analyzed various aspects of gyms, including exercise equipment, restrooms, locker rooms and the shower areas. Remarkably, the exercise mats were found to contain almost eight times more bacteria than yoga balls, barbells and dumbbells.

CleanJack’s role in hygiene management
CleanJack understands the importance of a hygienic gym environment for the health and safety of customers. With CleanJack’s time registration system, cleaners can easily know where exactly they need to clean and what they need to focus on. For example, their managers can leave messages stating that they should focus on the sports mats.

This study highlights the importance of strict hygiene measures in gyms to ensure the health and safety of their members. With the right cleaning protocols and preventive measures, gyms can provide a healthier workout environment for their patrons.

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