Safe and organised: The benefits of timekeeping and access control for cleaning staff

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Cleaning staff are an indispensable group of employees in any company. They ensure a clean and hygienic working environment for all other employees. Since they often work outside regular working hours, extra measures are needed to ensure their safety. One way to do this is through time recording and access control. What can time recording help with? Time recording can help improve the safety of cleaning staff by accurately tracking working hours. Using an electronic system such as CleanJack’s, cleaners can record their start and end times. This ensures that their employer knows exactly when they are present and when they leave again. For example, if a cleaner does not return to the office on time after cleaning a particular room, quick action can be taken to find out what is going on and provide help if needed. So CleanJack not only gives benefits to the company, managers and owners themselves, but also to the cleaners. Time recording can help with work planning Besides improving the safety of cleaning staff, time recording can also offer other benefits. For example, it can help in planning the work of cleaners and reduce administrative tasks for the employer. It can also improve the accuracy of payroll, as time records are kept automatically. In short, timekeeping can contribute to a safer working environment for cleaning staff by keeping track of working hours. It also offers other benefits for employers and cleaners. Implementing these systems can therefore be a worthwhile investment for companies looking to improve the safety of their cleaning staff.
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