Schoonmaakbedrijf Nieuwenhuys opts for convenience and efficiency with CleanJack

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Cleaning company Nieuwenhuys has chosen CleanJack’s user-friendly solution. With the help of the clock-in and clock-out system via the CleanJack app and accompanying stickers with RFID tags, Nieuwenhuys has been able to make their operations even more efficient and gain more insight into their customers’ time registration. Importance of time registration for Cleaning Company Nieuwenhuys As an experienced cleaning company, Nieuwenhuys understands better than anyone how important it is to properly document their operations. Time registration is an essential part of their work process, which is why they were looking for a digital system to match. CleanJack offered the perfect solution. Thanks to the CleanJack app and RFID tags, employees of Nieuwenhuys can quickly and easily clock in and out at customers, resulting in even better insight into time registration and more efficient work planning.   Enthusiasm about cooperation with CleanJack Cleaning company Nieuwenhuys is enthusiastic about its cooperation with CleanJack. “We believe that using CleanJack can help us to further optimize our work processes,” says director Sander Nieuwenhuys. “The system is user-friendly and the RFID tags are easy to use and attach at various locations. This enables us to work faster and gives us more insight into timekeeping. We are happy that with CleanJack we have found a partner that can help us improve our work processes.” CleanJack: Innovative and user-friendly time registration systems CleanJack is known as a specialist in time registration systems for the cleaning industry. The company offers innovative and user-friendly solutions to make time registration easier, with attention to privacy and security. Cleaning company Nieuwenhuys is CleanJack’s newest customer and both companies are proud of this cooperation. Efficiency and convenience for cleaning company and customer With CleanJack, cleaning and cleaning buildings becomes even more efficient and convenient. It is a win-win situation for both the cleaning company and the customer. Thanks to CleanJack, Schoonmaakbedrijf Nieuwenhuys can optimize their work processes, while customers benefit from efficient and accurate time registration.
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