Simplify cleaning management with the CleanJack key fob and drip system

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When it comes to effectively managing cleaning activities, accurate time tracking and monitoring are paramount. That’s why CleanJack introduced the advanced ID key fob and drop system, an innovative solution that elevates cleaning management to a higher level.

The importance of accurate time tracking
In the world of professional cleaning, knowing when and where cleaning staff are working is crucial. However, traditional methods of timekeeping can lead to inaccuracies, inefficiencies, and unnecessary administrative burdens. This is where the CleanJack ID key fob and drop system comes into play.

How the drop system works
CleanJack’s ID key fob and drop system is a smart solution that utilizes advanced technologies to make time tracking effortless and error-free. Each cleaning professional receives a unique ID key fob or drop that they can easily scan at specific points in the building. These points can be strategically placed in locations that are frequently cleaned.

The benefits of a drop system summarized Accurate time tracking: The ID key fob and drop system records every entry and exit, providing an exact picture of hours worked. Efficient management: The system offers real-time insights into the presence and activities of your cleaning team, allowing you to plan and allocate tasks more effectively. Increased hygiene standards: By knowing where and when cleaning has occurred, you can maintain and improve hygiene in crucial areas. Minimize administrative burden: Reduce the need for manual time tracking and simplify your administrative processes.

Seamless integration with other systems
The CleanJack ID key fob and drop system seamlessly integrates with other systems such as payroll and administration systems. This means you can centralize all data and easily analyze it to make informed decisions for your cleaning activities.

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