Standardization and digitization: The key to success in the cleaning industry?

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The cleaning industry faces significant challenges, ranging from wage increases to VAT increases, which put pressure on organizations’ profit margins. It is clear that it is time for a change in approach. However, many cleaning organizations are stuck in old habits, leaving innovation behind. Is standardization and digitization the way forward in this dynamic industry?

The power of automation
Automation can play a crucial role in addressing these challenges. By digitizing processes, organizations can reduce costs and increase efficiency. During recent events, we have seen that several cleaning organizations have already taken steps toward digitization. Integrating standard software has not only yielded cost savings, but has also improved services. For example, look at the application of CleanJack in cleaning companies. That saves a lot of time and costs.

Standardization as a basis
Before organizations can benefit from automation, it is essential to standardize processes. This goes beyond simply implementing technology; embracing a new way of working is crucial. By standardizing business processes, organizations can build a solid foundation for efficiency, transparency and growth, allowing them to proactively respond to future challenges.

Stronger together
Collaboration plays a key role in promoting innovation within the cleaning industry. By joining forces with partners who offer expertise in ERP software, planning and payroll, organizations can focus on what really matters: the customer. Because CleanJack can easily be linked to other accounting and payroll systems, you have all information in one place.

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