Clock system with drip for efficiency and simplicity

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Kloksysteem met druppel

Are you looking for a clock system with a drop for registering time and presence of staff? The clock system with drop and wall terminal from CleanJack are the solution! This allows companies to always stay in touch with their employees, wherever they are, and the progress of work and time registration is closely monitored and monitored.

What is a CleanJack tag system?

A drip clock system is an advanced time and attendance management tool. Employees can easily log in by clocking in with their unique ID key fob, which automatically records working hours. This system simplifies timekeeping, provides real-time attendance data and is valuable for various industries.

CleanJack’s drip clocking system consists of unique ID key fobs that allow employees to quickly sign in at the wall terminal at the work site. When employees arrive at the site, they can effortlessly log in by simply clocking in with their unique ID keychain. The start time is automatically recorded and through the wall terminal, employees are informed of their work and any points of interest. That’s how easy a clock system with drip from CleanJack works for you and your employees!

Advantages of a clock system with drip and wall terminal

The CleanJack wall terminal has a number of advantages:
– Wall terminal. The wall terminal can be easily attached to the wall and is a convenient tool for various businesses such as in the cleaning industry.

– Accurate timekeeping. It ensures accurate timekeeping, which provides a reliable basis for payroll.

– Passing and checking tasks. With the wall terminal you can pass on tasks to the employees and check whether they have completed them or not. Employees can check off which tasks have been completed and which have not. This ensures fewer errors and more control.

– High level of transparency. The wall terminal offers a high degree of transparency and reliability in the execution of work, which increases employee and customer confidence.

– Meeting regulatory requirements. The clock system helps companies meet legal requirements regarding timekeeping and reporting.

Sectors that benefit from a clock system

A clock system with drip, such as the CleanJack clock-in system, is not only a godsend for cleaning companies, but also offers many benefits for other industries, including:

Healthcare sector: In hospitals, nursing homes and home care organizations, a drip clock system can help manage the time and attendance of healthcare personnel.

Hospitality and Catering: Restaurants, hotels and catering companies can benefit from timekeeping to manage labor costs and ensure the right staffing is in place during peak hours.

Education: Schools and educational institutions can use clock systems with drip to manage teacher and administrative staff attendance, which can help maintain improved school organization.

Cleaning industry: The CleanJack clock system with drip is ideally suited for the cleaning industry, where time and attendance recording is critical. Cleaning companies can benefit from this system while improving communication with their employees. With the ability to collect real-time data on employee attendance and work progress, cleaning companies improve scheduling and any problems are addressed immediately. In addition, the CleanJack clock system with drip contributes to higher customer satisfaction and increased appreciation for cleaners’ work.

These are just a few examples of industries that can benefit from a clock system with drip. The flexibility and versatility of such systems make them valuable in various business environments.

Affordable clock system from CleanJack

One of the advantages of the CleanJack drip clock system is that it is not only effective, but also affordable, for both small and large businesses. CleanJack’s clocking system is an economical solution that allows organizations to implement accurate time and attendance management without adding to the financial burden.

The cost of the clocking system starts from as little as $4 per employee per month (excluding implementation costs) and this makes the clocking system accessible to both small businesses and larger organizations. With the ability to adjust the cost per license to the size of your team, this affordable clock system with drip allows businesses to keep costs in check while enjoying the benefits of the clock system and timekeeping. Find out for yourself and see what you get and what it costs.

Valuable tools for cleaning companies

Many companies are already using the drip clock system. DCS Schoonmaakorganisatie is one of them. DCS Schoonmaakorganisatie from Bodegraven has had a successful partnership with CleanJack for many years. Shannen Bulk, representative of DCS, emphasizes the value of this partnership: “At DCS we have many nurseries as customers. With CleanJack we have full insight into what is going on at all these locations. The transparency of timekeeping allows us to easily manage all employees at each location. This transparency keeps everyone on their toes and gives us excellent control over what is happening.”

CleanJack provides DCS Cleaning Organization with complete transparency and efficiency at all of their client locations, especially daycare centers. The clock system provides accurate location information and easy employee management, allowing them to maintain quality service and meet customer needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A wall terminal costs euro 195. For a low usage fee per month you are assured of a stable, safe and reliable system and you automatically always work with the most recent software version. The usage fee depends on the number of cleaners and the number of locations. Request a customized quote here.

Managing the system with key fobs and wall terminals is very simple. Cleaners do not have to install apps or manage a hand terminal, but only receive a key ring. If there are staff changes, the key ring can easily be changed to another employee. If several cleaners work at a location, the wall terminal is usually cheaper than apps or hand terminals. If you have several small work locations, it may be more economical to provide the employee with a mobile phone (App) or hand terminal. A CleanJack employee can advise you on this choice.

Each wall terminal contains a CleanJack SIM card that ensures communication between the online dashboard and the terminal. The wall terminal can also communicate via WiFi.

Yes, that’s possible. When a cleaner clocks in, the message automatically appears in the display.

The wall terminal has a 220V plug. The wall terminal also has a battery: if the power goes away for a while, you can still clock.

Super simple, you stick the wall terminal to the wall with special Velcro. The wall terminal does not leave any damage on the wall.