Time and Attendance Software for Cleaning Companies

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Tijdregistratie software voor de schoonmaak: Betaalbaar & Doeltreffend

Why choose CleanJack? We understand the needs of the cleaning industry and offer an affordable and effective software package designed specifically for cleaning companies. Whether you have a small, medium or large cleaning company, our software is affordable and scalable. Manage timekeeping, administration and scheduling without being a financial burden.

The best functionalities in one system for the shoning industry

RFID chips

RFID-chips registreren schoongemaakte ruimtes, waardoor het mogelijk is om bij te houden welke ruimtes zijn gereinigd en waar de schoonmakers precies zijn geweest.

Clock system with drop

Plan en verdeel taken eenvoudig en overzichtelijk onder je werknemers. Zo weet iedereen wat er van hen verwacht wordt.

Scheduling and task management

RFID-chips registreren schoongemaakte ruimtes, waardoor het mogelijk is om bij te houden welke ruimtes zijn gereinigd en waar de schoonmakers precies zijn geweest.

Digital logbook

Schoonmaakbedrijven en klanten profiteren van het digitale logboek door directe communicatie en het gebruik van feedback voor verbetering. Waardoor de klanttevredenheid stijgt en de schoonmakers meer erkenning krijgen.

Digital logAlready more than 150 cleaning companies have gone before you

More than 150 cleaning companies have already gone before you and chosen the convenience of CleanJack. CleanJack is recommended by professionals in the cleaning industry. Just like DCS Cleaning Organization, says Shannen Bulk:

" With CleanJack, we know exactly what is going on at all locations. The hours are transparent and we can easily manage all employees at all locations with CleanJack. That transparency keeps everyone on their toes and gives us excellent control over what is happening "

Schannen Bulk
DCS Schoonmaakorganisatie

CleanJack: #1 in tijdregistratie software voor schoonmaakbedrijven

At CleanJack, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for high-quality cleaning company software suitable for both small and large companies in the cleaning industry. Our software is developed with the specific needs of cleaning companies in mind, as opposed to generic systems. We offer an affordable all-in-one package that improves cleaning, management, time tracking and control for cleaning companies.

Veilig en georganiseerd

Over CleanJack

CleanJack was founded in 2005 and is part of Flying Bytes Mobile BV. Since 2015, Flying Bytes has focused exclusively on the cleaning industry. In 2016-2017-2018, the CleanJack platform was completely rebuilt. The system is used daily by cleaning companies in 8 countries and 4 continents. CleanJack provides centralized hosting, service and management of systems. This allows the highest reliability of service to be guaranteed. All systems are redundant and are actively monitored 24 x 7. Functionality is consistently developed generically. This makes the platform excellently scalable and technical maintenance manageable and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has a cell phone; no one leaves home without one. The choice of an App is then obvious. There are also considerations when using an App. Do you want your employees to register their working hours with their own private phone or with a company cell phone? A private phone means the employer has no investment in devices at the beginning. Companies that want to make operational management easier and for whom the reliability of the data is important (e.g. if the clock times are used for registering more or less work and related wage supplements or discounts) then it is advisable to provide a company cell phone or a CleanJack hand terminal.

Downloading the CleanJack App is free of charge.

For a low usage fee per month, you are guaranteed a stable, safe and reliable system and you automatically always work with the latest software version. The usage fee depends on the number of cleaners and the number of locations. Request a custom quote right here.

The App works on cell phones that support Android or IOS (Apple). NFC can be used to read the information from the stickers.

If you have an Android phone then you can easily download the App from Google Play. If you have an Apple phone then you can easily download the App from the Apple Playstore.

Yes, you stick a control sticker at each control point in such a case. For example, consider measuring the cleaning frequency of toilet rooms or the top floor when cleaning stairwells, or a hotel room, a hospital room, individual apartments within an apartment complex and so on.