Time registration mandatory in Belgium 

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The Belgian government has announced that from January 1, 2024, companies will be obliged to use a time registration system for all their employees. This new legislation is intended to ensure that employees no longer work overtime and to improve work-life balance. Time registration system CleanJack A time registration system such as that of CleanJack will keep track of the working hours of employees and ensure that the hours worked are recorded correctly. The new legislation is the result of long-term discussions between the government, trade unions and employers’ organizations. It is a step towards greater transparency and fairness in the workplace and will also help reduce overwork and stress among employees. Companies will be required to maintain and retain the time and attendance system for at least five years. Failure to comply with the new legislation may result in fines and sanctions for employers. Reactions to new legislation The new legislation has already received mixed reactions from companies and employees. Some believe it is a necessary step to protect workers’ rights and reduce overtime, while others fear it will create administrative burdens and limit workers’ flexibility. However, it is clear that time registration has become an important topic in the Belgian labor law
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