What is Checkinatwork and why is it so important?

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Checkinatwork is an online service compulsory for employers and contractors carrying out works in immovable property at a workplace whose total cost equals or exceeds a specific threshold amount. This applies to works such as new builds, alterations, renovations and other construction works. Checkinatwork aims to record the presence of workers and subcontractors in order to improve controls on undeclared work, social fraud and working conditions. Checkinatwork allows employers and contractors to record the presence of their own employees, subcontractors and independent subcontractors. Employees and independent subcontractors can also register themselves in the system. Registration must be done daily and before the person carrying out the works starts work. The same applies to CleanJack’s cleaning software. How does Checkinatwork work? When employees, subcontractors or independent subcontractors arrive at the workplace, they must first sign in at the Checkinatwork terminal. This terminal is usually placed at the entrance gate to the workplace. The terminal can use various identification methods, such as an e-ID card, a badge or a mobile application. The terminal records the person’s presence and sends this information to Checkinatwork’s central platform.   Checkinatwork’s central platform collects all attendance data from workplaces and ensures that this data is available to the relevant authorities. The data is checked for possible social fraud and undeclared work. This is done by comparing the attendance data with other data such as the employment contracts and payroll records of the workers concerned. Why is Checkinatwork important? Checkinatwork is important for several reasons. First, it ensures that workers and subcontractors at workplaces are registered and their attendance can be accurately monitored. This improves control of undeclared work, social fraud and working conditions. Secondly, Checkinatwork ensures that employers and contractors are aware of their responsibilities and obligations. They must ensure that attendance registration is carried out correctly and that their employees and subcontractors follow the required identification and sign-in procedures. Third, Checkinatwork ensures that competent authorities have the necessary information to carry out their duties. They can use the data to detect and prevent possible social fraud and undeclared work.
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