What is the importance of a clean workplace?

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In the cleaning business, of course, hygiene is always important. So it is for CleanJack as well. But recent events surrounding the corona pandemic have drawn additional attention to the importance of hygiene in the workplace. According to the NRC, the Netherlands is inadequately prepared for a new pandemic, highlighting the urgency for employers to consider hygiene as a critical concern within their business environment.

Health risks and absenteeism

An alarming 57.6 percent of Dutch workers reported being absent from work for health reasons in the past year. This again highlights the importance of a clean and hygienic work environment. It is not just a matter of reducing absenteeism; a clean workplace also contributes to higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

Health risks of poor hygiene

The risks of poor hygiene are numerous and serious. Failure to adhere to hygiene standards can lead to increased absenteeism, increased risk of occupational disease, demotivation of the team and even damage to a company’s brand image.


Link between hygiene and safety

The link between hygiene and safety in the workplace is obvious. Lack of hygiene can lead to the spread of pathogens, resulting in more sick days. In addition, exposure to dust, toxins or hazardous chemicals increases the risk of occupational disease. Employers must make their teams aware of these risks and provide them with the necessary hygiene practices.

A clean and organized work environment has a direct impact on employee morale and motivation. This translates into higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Moreover, a lack of hygiene can damage a company’s image, leading to a loss of customer confidence.

Responsibility and hygiene rules

Enforcing hygiene rules in the workplace is a shared responsibility of employers, employees and cleaners alike. Employers must implement procedures that comply with hygiene laws, while employees must do their part daily by performing regular maintenance and daily cleaning, among other things.


The importance of a clean workplace cannot be understated. It is not only about the health and safety of employees, but also the overall productivity and efficiency of the company. By investing in hygiene, companies can create a healthy and safe work environment with less absenteeism, which ultimately contributes to the success of the company.

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