Why you should use CleanJack as an owner or manager of a homeowners’ association

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For Associations of Owners (VvEs), managing a building can be quite challenging. One of the crucial aspects of management is keeping track of the time registration of the cleaning crew. As an owner or manager of a VvE, you know how important this is. Whether it’s cleaning common areas, maintaining the building, or handling administrative tasks, ensuring that employees perform their work efficiently is essential. However, manually tracking time and attendance can be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially when dealing with a large number of employees. A solution to this is using a time registration system like CleanJack. What is CleanJack? CleanJack is an advanced time registration system specifically designed for the cleaning industry but can also be used in other sectors like VvEs. The system comprises software and hardware and can be used at any location. Employees can use the app and check in and out using a sticker, or they can check in using a tag at the wall terminal. When an employee checks in on the system, it’s immediately visible on the dashboard, providing constant insight into who is working where. One of the key benefits of CleanJack is that it enhances the accuracy of time registration. Why should a VvE use CleanJack?
  1. Improve Efficiency By using CleanJack, employees can check in and out more swiftly, boosting the efficiency of the workday. The system is user-friendly and doesn’t require special training for employees. This means less time spent on completing time registration and more time dedicated to productive tasks.
  2. Minimize Errors Manual time registration is prone to human errors, such as incorrect hour entries, forgetting to check in or out, or entering the wrong date. This can result in incorrect salary calculations, dissatisfied employees, and even legal issues. By utilizing CleanJack, errors are minimized, ensuring the accuracy of data.
  3. Cost Savings Using CleanJack can help VvEs save on administrative costs. Since the system automatically tracks work hours, less time and money need to be spent on manually processing timesheets and salary calculations.
Discover why it’s the right choice for a VvE to use CleanJack at: www.cleanjack.be
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