Work according to regulations

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In Europe, rules have been put in place to ensure that workers are treated fairly and paid for the hours they work. One of these rules is that companies are obliged to make a system available for registering the hours worked. This could, for example, be a time clock or a digital time registration.

With CleanJack you work in accordance with the laws and regulations

CleanJack offers cleaning software for digital time registration. It is an innovative and user-friendly system that complies with European regulations and can be used in various sectors, such as the catering industry, cleaning and retail.

As a CleanJack user, you work according to the rules and regulations that have been established for the cleaning industry. The system allows you to accurately keep track of how much time you spend on certain cleaning activities and which tasks you have performed. This ensures that you work in a structured and professional manner and that you comply with the agreements made with your customers.

Easy to connect with other systems

The system is easy to use and can be linked to other systems that companies use, such as payroll and planning. Consider, for example,

By using a system such as Cleanjack, a company can be assured that it is compliant with regulations and that hours can be easily recorded. Whether a time clock is mandatory depends on the specific regulations in a country, but a system such as Cleanjack can in any case help to comply with the obligations.

Mandatory time registration made easy with CleanJack

With CleanJack, mandatory time registration is effortlessly integrated into the daily work process. CleanJack’s intuitive interface and advanced features make tracking work hours a smooth and automated task. Employees can easily clock in and out, while employers gain insight into the hours worked with just a few clicks. This efficient system not only makes time registration easy, but also ensures transparent and accurate administration of working hours.

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