Yes Facility Group chooses CleanJack

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CleanJack works simply!
YES Facility Group, a major player in facility services, has chosen CleanJack for time and attendance registration. Marcel Beemer, representative of YES Facility Group, shares his enthusiasm about the partnership: “CleanJack works simply, and that’s exactly why we love it.”

CleanJack’s innovative time and attendance recording system fits perfectly with YES Facility Group’s flexible and diverse work locations. Whether in hospitality or shipping, CleanJack’s solution can be used anywhere.

Beemer explains: “Our employees have an app on their own phones, making registration possible anytime, anywhere. And best of all? At work sites, we don’t need power. We just stick 2 RFID stickers and the system works flawlessly.”

Besides the user-friendliness and flexibility of CleanJack, Beemer is also impressed by the low investment cost: “The investment is also very low, which makes it even more attractive for us.”

With this, YES Facility Group is taking an important step to improve operational efficiency and save costs. By choosing CleanJack’s simple and effective solution, YES Facility Group shows that they are ready for the future of facility services.

Find out for yourself how CleanJack can simplify your business and save costs. Contact us today for more information.

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